Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate w/ Door (large)

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Product Overview

The Richell Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate with Door fits doorway and hallway openings thanks to its adjustable width. The specially designed walk-thru door opens in both directions and includes an upper/lower locking system to allow free movement and extra security. This gate is recommended for ultra-small to small dogs that weigh 8kg or less. Yet the best bonus is the specially designed adjustable side panels in 6 increments of 10°, allowing for more options when used in your home. 

Length: 140-183 cm
Width: 40-51 cm
Height: 61 cm
Adjustment angle: 90º-140º
Product weight: 5.2 kg

Natural Wood Frame, Steel Wire, Polypropylene Door Lock, ABS Resin Door Shaft, Polyacetal Frame Shaft, Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber Leg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review